Carbon offsetting

We strongly recommend that participants consider their carbon footprint associated with attending CAP2020. Carbon offsetting may be a partial solution, e.g. through Atmosfair or other non-profit CO2 offsetting options. But don’t take our word for it; check out this ABC science explainer.

Macquarie University’s sustainability strategy

At Macquarie University, we recognise that sustainability is both an exciting journey and an essential destination. When we reflect on our actions and the impact of our choices, we are contributing to ensuring a sustainable future. However, we must also take positive action to create real and sustainable change.

Sustainable Sydney 2030

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a set of goals we have set for our city to help make it as green, global and connected as possible by 2030. The plan will transform the way we live, work and play. We will reduce our carbon emissions, with a network of green infrastructure to reduce energy, water and waste water demands. We will plan for new housing opportunities integrated with vital transport, facilities, infrastructure and open space.

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