Social Events

Social events included
in the conference schedule

19 September 2020
Astronomy Open Night 2020
(link to AON2019 for information)
22 September 2020 (tbc)
Public lecture, Macquarie Theatre;
(details tba)
23 September 2020
Optional excursions to the workshops of AAO-MQ (Australian Astronomical Optics at Macquarie), CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS), or Sydney Observatory. The excursion to CASS will include a visit to the CASS Receiver Lab, Pulsar@Parkes, and one or more background presentations.
24 September 2020
Conference dinner at Curzon Hall

Explore Sydney on your own!

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Pre-conference tour

We are working on putting a pre-conference tour together, taking visitors to “The Dish” (the Parkes radio telescope), the Australia Telescope Compact Array in Narrabri, and Siding Spring Observatory
The tour will take 4 days and cost about A$400-500 per person. We will update this information as the planning develops.