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WG 5 Science Communication Research in Astronomy

Created: 1 November 2015
Chair: Pedro Russo
Mission: The main goal of this working group is to facilitate the link between the scientific community working on science communication issues, in particular related to astronomy and space exploration, and the community of science communication practitioners and the astronomical community more broadly.


  • One CAP journal article – Short report on new research/findings produced in the field of science communication that can be used to inform best practices of communication of Astronomy with the public;
  • Results of a big public communication survey conducted with the IAU Members.


  • Marta Entradas – Science communication researcher at ISCTE-IUL and LSE, Fulbright Fellow at Cornell University 2015/2016 (Non-IAU member) 
  • Lars Lindberg Christensen, IAU Press Officer, IAU Commission 55 former President, ESO
  • Agata Hidehiko, Supervisor of OAO IAU, Director of NAOJ Public Outreach office