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IYA-ESO 2007
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Draft Agenda (all time slots include discussions)

Friday, March 2 (room 231, IAU IYA2009 Working Group only)
14:00 Start of Meeting
14:30 Guidelines and requirements for the use of IAU and IYA logos -> rules for IAU/IYA endorsements of events (KvdH per telephone)
18:00 End of Meeting

Saturday, March 3 (auditorium, all Single Points of Contact)

Download webcast (72 MB)

09:00 Welcome (Catherine Cesarsky -> Ian Robson)
09:10 Outcomes of this meeting, IAU IYA Organization – Roles of Executive WG and SPoCs (Ian Robson) presentation file
09:30 The overall IYA2009 Theme (Dennis Crabtree) presentation file
09:50 Status of UN approval for IYA (Claus Madsen)
10:25 UNESCO-IYA experiences (Barbara Villone) (overhead presentation)

10:30 Break (council room)

Download webcast (83 MB)
The IAU IYA Identity and Web site (Lars Lindberg Christensen) presentation file
           - Clearinghouse for activities
           - Branding components
           - Branding guidelines and IAU endorsement guidelines
11:40 The Funding Strategy (Ian Corbett) (presentation)
Scope of IAU Involvement with Global Events (Dennis Crabtree) presentation file
            - Opening and Closing Ceremonies
            - Presentation of initial ideas
            - Other ideas and discussion

(council room)

Download webcast (109 MB)
National and Local Events, intro (Ian Robson) (oral presentation)

National and Local Events (facilitated by Ian Robson)
Presentations by National SPoCs

14:20 USA (Susana Deustua, Douglas Isbell, and Rick Fienberg) presentation file
14:40 NASA (Doris Daou) presentation file
14:50 United Kingdom (Ian Robson) presentation file
15:00 South Africa + Africa (Kevin Govender) presentation file
15:10 Mexico (Silvia Torres-Peimbert) presentation file
15:15 Australia (Helen Sim) presentation file
15:20 Italy (Leopoldo Benacchio) presentation file
15:30 Austria + Light Pollution (Posch Th., Wuchterl G., Ottensamer R.) presentation file

(council room)

Download webcast (92 MB)

National and Local Events (facilitated by Ian Robson)
Presentations by National SPoCs and other agencies/organizations

16:15 Romania + IAU Commission 46 presentation file
16:25 Japan & East Asia (Norio Kaifu) presentation file
16:35 Finland (Tapio Markkanen, Markku Sarimaa and Walter Rydman) presentation file
16:40 Denmark (Kristian Pedersen) presentation file
16:45 Hungary (Katalin Olah) presentation file
16:50 China Nanjing (Jin Zhu) presentation file
16:55 Czech Republic (B. Jungwiert, P. Suchan, P. Pravec) presentation file

End of Day

(see practical info)

Sunday, March 4 (auditorium, all Single Points of Contact)

Download webcast (117 MB)
09:00 Ireland (Michael Redfern) presentation file
Spain (Montserrat Villar Martin) presentation file
09:10 South Korea (Young-Soo Kim) presentation file
France (Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd) presentation file
Canada (Jim Hesser) presentation file
Portugal (António Pedrosa) presentation file
Chile (Andreas Reisenegger) presentation file
EuroPlaNet (Russo, P. (MPS, DE), Lebreton, J.P. (ESTEC/ESA, NL), Zarnecki, J. (Open University, UK) and N4 Europlanet Team) presentation file
09:40 Essential Contact (Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle, Enrique Perez & Francisco Sanchez) presentation file
09:45 Kepler (T. Mahoney) presentation file
09:50 UNAWE (Carolina Ödman) presentation file
10:00 Lunar Eclipse (Kevin Govender et al.) presentation file

(council room)

Download webcast (86 MB)
Telescope Kit Discussion (Rick Fienberg) presentation file
Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2007 (Ian Robson, Manolis Zoulias) presentation file
11:45 Evaluation discussion (Lars Lindberg Christensen) presentation file
12:00 The Next Steps: Planning for 2009 (Catherine Cesarsky) (oral presentation)
            - Missing SPoCs
            - UN endorsement
            - National budgets

12:30 Lunch (council room)

Download webcast (80 MB)
Global Events discussion (Dennis Crabtree) presentation file
15:15 AOB, Next meeting (CAP2007)

End of Meeting