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IYA-ESO 2007
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Practical info

Local and Practical Information

Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held in the Auditorium of the European Southern Observatory Headquarters building (see the orange dot with number "1" on the attached map).

Contact Phone Number

+49-89-32006-0 (ESO Reception Desk); +49-89-3200-6291 (Britt Sjöberg)

Contact Fax Number


Geographical Location

Munich is located in southern Germany. The ESO Headquarters are situated on the institute campus just north of the town of Garching, which is itself about 20 km north of Munich:

Munich offers excellent public transport. Garching can be reached by bus in combination with U-Bahn (underground) or S-Bahn (commuter train).

How to get to ESO


The international airport of Munich (München) is located some 20 km north of Garching.
From the airport, you can choose between the S-Bahn+Bus or taxi to go to your hotel. A taxi (recommended) to a hotel in Garching will cost you approx 30 €. If you arrive by train at the Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), you can reach Garching by taking the S-Bahn to Marienplatz, then U-Bahn U6 to Garching. Ismaning has a direct S-Bahn connection (S8) from the airport and the Hauptbahnhof.
ESO is located close to the U6 station Garching-Forschungszentrum.


Room reservations have been made in Garching at the Hotel Hoyacker Hof and Hotel König Ludwig II. Confirmations of reservations made have been emailed to all participants who submitted the accommodation form.


Catered lunches will be served on March 3 and March 4 in Room 114 (aka the Council Room) in the ESO building.


The dinner will be held at the Weisses Brauhaus in central Munich. This is an old, traditional restaurant that serves Bavarian specialities. The address is Tal 7, which is very close to the underground station Marienplatz (3-minute walk). We suggest that participants staying in Garching take the underground train from Garching at 18:53. This train arrives at Marienplatz at 19:17. This costs EUR 4.40 one way using a single ticket but we suggest that participants buy a day-card (Tageskarte) on Saturday morning. This costs EUR 6.50 and is valid throughout Munich and Garching for the whole day and thus covers transport from Garching to ESO and back again and to the restaurant downtown and back to Garching. More information about the Munich transport system is given below.

Public transport

There are in principle four types of tickets that we recommend to use:
Single ticket (Einzelfahrkarte). This ticket is valid for one ride only and a short distance ticket, which can be used from Garching to ESO, costs EUR 1.10. From Garching to Munich the price is EUR 4.40.
Stripe ticket (Streifenkarte). This ticket consists of 10 stripes and the price is EUR 10.50. Between Garching and ESO one stripe is needed and between Garching and Munich four stripes.
Single day ticket (Single-Tageskarte). The single day ticket is for one adult and it can be used within the selected district of validity for as many trips as one likes on one day. A ticket valid for only one district costs EUR 4.80. A day ticket which is valid for Garching and from Garching to Munich, a so called XXL ticket, costs EUR 6.50.
Partner day ticket (Partner-Tageskarte). The partner day ticket is valid for up to five adults travelling together. The one valid for only one district costs EUR 8.50 and the XXL ticket costs EUR 11.50. All tickets can be bought from vending machines at train/underground stations. Some stations also have kiosks that sell tickets. All tickets have to be validated before the trip begins. Please see the Munich public transport home page for more information about the system.

Oral Presentations

Those giving oral talks are requested to bring their presentations on a memory stick, CD-ROM, or on their own laptop. Please make sure that this is tested on the presentation laptip in the morning between 08:30-09:00 on the day of the talk.

Internet and e-mail Wireless LAN is available in most parts of the ESO building.
Please bring your own wireless cards.
Computers For the participants there will be 3 computers (PCs) and a printer available in the council room.
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