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IYA-ESO 2007
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First announcement

The International Year of Astronomy meeting at ESO Headquarters (Garching, Munich, Germany) will provide you with greater opportunity to interact with groups and organisations within your country in advance of the meeting at CAP2007, and thus be able to feed their comments and views into the meeting. We are very keen to make this a meeting focused on information exchange and especially an interchange of ideas about both national events and, most crucially, events that could be global in nature, involving as many nations as possible. We understand that this is both an exciting and challenging prospect and hence allowing an extra month for consultation and idea generation will be most worthwhile.

We very much hope that everyone will be able to attend in person. However, because we are so keen to ensure maximum participation, we are investigating the possibility of web-casting this meeting (as was done so successfully for the Communicating Astronomy with the Public meeting in 2005 - CAP2005) for those of you who may not be able to attend in person. We have now set up a web-site for the March meeting; the URL is: