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Conference Venues & City Map

Warsaw University of Technology

  • Inaugural Lecture (Monday, 14.10) & Conference Dinner (Thursday, 17.10)
    Main Building - Plac Politechniki 1
  • Welcoming Cocktail (Sunday, 13.10)
    Department of Physics - Koszykowa 75

Copernicus Science Centre & Planetarium

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

  • Conference Room
  • Auditorium
  • Planetarium

IMAX Warsaw

Sadyba BEST Mall, Powsińska 31

  • ESO Event (Wednesday, 16.10)




CAP2013 will take place in the Copernicus Science Centre and special events will be organised in the fabulous interiors of Warsaw University of Technology.

The Copernicus Science Centre is situated on the left bank of the Vistula River in the very heart of Warsaw - 5 minutes on foot from the Warsaw University campus, 15 minutes from the Old Town and easily reached from the Central Railway Station and the airport. The venue combines the Heavens of Copernicus planetarium, the Copernicus Science Centre and the Conference Centre. All of these facilities will be fully at your disposal during special days in the course of the conference, free of charge.

The Planetarium has 140 seats under the 16-metre dome (including one place for a disabled individual). The shows are projected onto a seamless Spitz Nanoseam dome, providing the best possible image without any artificial seams. The Planetarium is equipped with a hybrid Definiti 3D projection system by Sky-Skan, which provides both digital 3D image and the best possible imaging of the night sky over the entire dome.

The digital image is projected by 4 modern, high quality JVC DLA-SH7NL projectors. The choice of these projectors has made it possible to achieve an extraordinarily high contrast ratio (an especially important factor for a Planetarium), of 10 000:1. The system is served by 19 powerful computers, each with a high-performance graphics card and 20GB RAM onboard. This enables files of huge size to be loaded into each computer’s memory, permitting visually rich graphics generated in real time. All together in 3D mode the system can project more than 26 million pixels on the dome. Thanks to having the 3D stereo system (double image) and some additional servers the projection system has full backup and can remain operational in 2D mode in the event of any failure. The Definiti 3D system therefore facilitates high quality, reliable projection of all possible types of planetarium content: 2D and 3D fulldome shows as well as real time content.

The central spot under the dome is occupied by the Megastar II A star projector, which can steadily visualize the star-filled sky as seen from any point on the Earth. It was manufactured especially for the Heavens of Copernicus by the Japanese company Ohira Tech. Megastar II A is one of the world’s most state-of-the-art star projectors: it shows the terrestrial sky with very good quality - 16 million stars, including our Sun, as well as the Moon, planets, comets, and nebulae.

The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium is also equipped with a laser show system (RGB lasers each with 1.5 Watts of power). The projection system is further enhanced by an audio system with more than 20 000 Watts of power, a foreign language headset system, and high quality amplifiers.

Being equipped with state of the art planetarium systems, the Heavens of Copernicus facility provides not only the highest possible quality of projections but also a high diversity of additional capabilities: a large set of wireless microphones, spotlights, cove lights, a render farm allowing for show slicing, an additional presentation projector, wireless Internet and much more.

The Copernicus Science Centre offers a modern IT infrastructure — ensuring Wi-Fi Internet access, sound systems, and audio-video equipment. The same can be said for proper air-conditioning and light source control, plus room furnishings including speaker platforms, various tables and chairs.

Images of the venue are available on our Facebook gallery