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CAP 2013
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Purpose and goals


CAP2013 builds on the work of the previous conferences in this series and now looks to build on the legacy of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. It aims to showcase the fantastic use of astronomy and space science in outreach and bring together producers of astronomical and space-related information (research scientists and industry representatives), public information officers (connected with large observatories and space missions), and the mediators (science journalists, staff members from museums, science centres and planetariums).

In astronomy communication we often use the word astronomy as a blanket term to cover anything that has to do with space, i.e. astrophysics, space exploration, space sciences, human space flight, Earth observation, astrobiology, amateur astronomy and all related sciences and technologies. To face new challenges, during the CAP2013 we would like to widen this list a bit and add space tourism and commercial involvement in space-related activities.

As the venue is a modern planetarium, we will have a special focus on audiovisual and multimedia communications in the widest sense. We will also look to see how the IAU initiatives are helping formal and informal education and knowledge in the developing world.

Some of the major themes will be:

  • Social media for astronomy outreach
  • Media relations
  • Multimedia communication incl. tools and techniques
  • Crowdsourcing/citizen science projects
  • Alternative ways for communicating astronomy with the public
  • Using astronomy outreach to excite children with science and technology
  • Evaluation, impact and monitoring of outreach projects
  • Support for science policymakers
  • Social impact of astronomy communication
  • Astronomy communication in the developing world
  • Communicating Astronomy with the Public in the context of the IAU Strategic Plan
  • CAP community involvement in International Year of Light 2015