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Updated on 8 October 2013

Download the section block programme in PDF format here (535 KB)


Sunday Oct 13th




Evening Reception 1800-2100 Welcome cocktail and get together at the Warsaw University of Technology


Monday Oct 14th




Title Speaker
  1000-1030 Welcome Speeches
  1030-1130 Inaugural Lecture Mark McCaughrean
  1130-1135 Special ceremony
  1135-1140 Closing remarks
  1200-1345 Transfer to Copernicus Science Centre, lunch, registration
  1345-1400 Announcements Ian Robson, Jan Pomierny
Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing
  1400-1430 The Zooniverse Robert Simpson
  1430-1445 CosmoQuest: Building a Research Facility for the Public Pamela Gay, Cory Lehan, Georgia Bracey, Nicole Gugliucci, and The CosmoQuest Team
  1445-1500 iSPEX: Measure Aerosols with your Smartphone Franka Buurmeijer
  1500-1515 PULSE@Parkes, the Evolution of a an Innovative Educational Program Robert Hollow, George Hobbs, Ryan Shannon
  1515-1530 Inspiring the Public to Measure Samir Dhurde
  1530-1545 Transit of Venus-2012: Hands on Experiment for the Value of AU Arvind Ranade
  1545-1615 Coffee and Posters
Outreach and Organisations
  1615-1630 Engagement Levels in Astronomy Communication Pedro Russo and Jos van den Broek
  1630-1645 Why Fund us at All? 'Selling' Astronomy in the UK Robert Massey
  1645-1700 How Outreach at ESO *Really* Works Richard Hook
  1700-1715 ESO's Science Outreach Network: Communicating Astronomy to the Global Public Olivier R. Hainaut, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Raquel Shida
  1715-1730 The Astrobase Project Wieslaw Skorzynski
  1730-1737 Year of Copernicus 2013 Piotr Majewski
  1830-2000 Public Lecture Robert Simpson


Tuesday Oct 15th


Theme Time Title Speaker
Outreach and Organisations
  0900-0930 Updates from the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development Jean-Christophe Mauduit
  0930-1015 Communicating Astronomy to the Public Worldwide: C55 and You Lars Lindberg Christensen, Pedro Russo, Rick Fienberg
    Report on "New Ways of Communicating Astronomy to the Public" Michael J. West
    IAU Southern Africa Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (SAROAD) Prospery C. Simpemba and Astronomy and Space Science Committee (CBU)
    Building and Sustaining Research Communities through Astronomy Outreach/Public Engagement Sadie Jones
    Information Management in Astronomy Communication Pedro Russo, Lars Lindberg Christensen and the IAU C55 WG Public Outreach Information Management
    Promoting Space Activities through the Web Service Michał Moroz, Krzysztov Kanawka
  1015-1030 Universe in a Box: Co-operative Model Jaya Ramchandani, Pedro Russo, Cecilia Scorza, Natalie Fischer, Erik Arends and Charlotte Provot on behalf of the EU-UNAWE's Universe in a Box team
  1030-1100 Coffee and Posters
  1100-1115 Development of a Project-Portfolio for Communicating Astronomy in Austria Peter Habison
  1115-1130 A Low Budget Astronomy Communication Programme Joăo Retrę, Rui Agostinho, José Afonso, Adalberto Fernandes
  1130-1145 Astronomers Without Borders: New Programs and Updates Mike Simmons, Thilina Heenatigala
  1145-1200 What is in a Word? How the Language of Astronomy Evolves Michael J. West
The Night Sky
  1200-1215 Dark Sky Awareness and the International Year of Light Sze-leung Cheung, Jason Pun, Chu-wing So, Ryan Leung, Ken Cheung, Thomas Fok, Kenneith Hui
  1215-1230 Communicating Dark Skies Outreach with Educators and Students in Africa Constance E.Walker, Chuck Dugan and Stephen M. Pompea
  1230-1245 City Skies: Using Urban Skies to Connect Youth to Astronomy
Derrick Pitts
  1245-1300 Let's do some astronomy! Karol Wójcicki
  1300-1400 Lunch and Posters
  1400-1500 Discussion 1: New Opportunities for the CAP Community Including Involvement in the International Year of Light 2015
  1500-1515 Transfer
Multimedia and New Techniques
  1515-1530 Using WALUKU to Answer your Astronomy Questions through Social Media Avivah Yamani, Jim Geovedi, Wicak Soegijoko
  1530-1545 Filming your Way to Young and Curious Astronomers Mikhail Loktionov
  1545-1600 Race To Mars - A Game about the Modern Space Industry Krzysztof Kanawka, Michał Moroz, Szymon Janus
  1600-1630 Coffee and Posters
  1630-1645 Engaging Students and the Public using the Remotely Controlled Telescope PIRATE Jakub Bochinski, Ulrich Kolb, Richard Busuttil, Carole Haswell & the rest of the PIRATE team
  1645-1700 Astronomy Quiz and Use of the iPAD Thembela Mantungwa
  1700-1715 Cutting Edge Science at the Fingertips of Students Rosa Doran
  1715-1730 Popularising Astronomy in Brazil with the use of New Technologies Marcelo de Oliveira Souza and Eponine Wagner Barros Borges Souza
  1730-1745 Socialise your Research: Reinventing the Good Old Poster Cristina Rigutto & Leopoldo Benacchio
  1745-1752 Examination of Pre-service Science Teachers' Use of Astronomy Terms Nilufer Didis
  1830-1930 Discussion 2: Science Communication as a Creative Industry


Wednesday Oct 16th


Theme Time Title Speaker
Non-traditional Audiences and Methods
  0900-0915 Bringing Astronomy to Large and Unusual Nontraditional Audiences Donald Lubowich
  0915-0930 Creating New Audiences through Art Science Collaboration Emer O Boyle, Lorraine Hanlon
  0930-0945 Cosmic Underground Maciej Ceglowski, Jan Swierkowski
  0945-1000 Transfer to Planetarium
Full-Dome Session
  1000-1030 Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way Lars Lindberg Christensen, Luis Calçada & Georgia Bladon
  1030-1045 From the Starry Sky to the History of the Universe Björn Voss, Susanne Hüttemeister
  1045-1100 The Little Prince Dorota and Jacek Kupras, consultation Stefan Janta
  1100-1130 Coffee and Posters
  1130-1140 Back to the Moon for Good': Prepare for launch of Google Lunar XPRIZE's new full dome planetarium show Anita Heward
  1140-1155 "Losing the Dark": A Video Advocating for Light Pollution Solutions C.C. Petersen, C.E. Walker, W.S. Kardel
  1155-1210 Using Tablets to Make Interactive Planetarium Live Shows Salvador J. Ribas
  1210-1225 LAMB: Lecture for Astronomical Myth Busters Pawel Ziemnicki
  1225-1240 Immersive Science Communication Maciej Ligowski, Paulina Majda
  1240-1250 Science Visualisation in a Planetarium Dome: VIPERS Maciej Mucha
  1250-1300 Interact in the Dark Kamil Zloczewski
  1300-1400 Transfer to Science Centre, astroEDU (Lunch) and Posters
Non-Traditional Audiences and Methods
  1400-1415 Meet our Neighbours! – A Tactile Experience Lina Canas
  1415-1430 Unknown Universe Marcelo de Oliveira Souza, Eponine Wagner Barros Borges Souza, Luís Fernando Sodré Gomes and Hélio Dutra
  1430-1437 Astro Arena - Promoting Astronomy Radek Pior
  1437-1500 Transfers and Coffee
  1500-1630 Planetarium Show Visit to Science Centre
  1630-1800 Planetarium Show Visit to Science Centre
  2000-2200 Special screening of the new IMAX film 'Hidden Universe' at the Warsaw IMAX Theatre


Thursday Oct 17th


Theme Time Title Speaker
Facilities etc
  0900-0915 Inspiring the UK: Big Telescopes and Dark Sky Discovery Tania Johnston
  0915-0930 Las Cumbres Observatory: Building a Robotic Telescope Network for Science and the Public Amelia Ortiz-Gil
  0930-0945 Sharing the excitement of the SKA in Africa Marina Joubert, Sam Rametse
  0945-1000 EU-HOU Project: Connecting Classrooms to the Milky Way Roger Ferlet
  1000-1015 ReMY: An Internet Analog Mars Rover Mission by ABM SE Mateusz Józefowicz
  1015-1030 A Unique Global Outreach Opportunity: Cassini's "Pale Blue Dot" Image Mike Simmons
  1030-1100 Coffee and Posters
  1100-1115 Communicating Solar Observations among Amateurs, Educators, Professionals and the Public Kentaro Yaji
  1115-1130 Communicating Southern African Cultural Astronomy Creatively Sivuyile Manxoyi
  1130-1145 Brave New Worlds Caterina Boccato, Sabrina Masiero and GAPS' Team
  1145-1200 "The Universe of Our Elders" Valeria Foncea
  1200-1215 MAKSYMM: Project for Calibrating Kaguya Lunar Profile with Stellar Occultations L. Wieteska, T. Banyś, M. Kata, T. Wężyk , J. Wiland , C. Sigismondi and P. Rocher
  1215-1230 Education and Research on Space at the Warsaw University of Technology Piotr Wolanski
  1230-1237 Test-bed system to investigate the dynamic interactions between space robot elements: educative applications M. Ciesielska1, K. Seweryn1, and LEMUR team
  1245-1400 Lunch and Posters
  1400-1530 Unconference
  1530-1600 Coffee and Posters
  1600-1630 Unconference summary
Country Specific
  1630-1645 Astronomy Outreach Activities in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities Rogel Mari Sese , Juan Antonio Tuazon, Mark Ivan Roblas, Lordnico Mendoza and Stephanie Tumampos
  1645-1700 Teaching Good Astronomy in Planetarium of U. de Santiago Basilio Solis
  1700-1715 "You Are Galileo!" Kaz Sekiguchi, Hidehiko Agata, Fumi Yoshida, Hiroko Komiyama, et al.
  1715-1800 Ghana Planetarium: Development over the Last Five Years Jacob Ashong, Patricia Jane Ashong, Sarah Abotsi-Masters
    Astronomy Outreach Program in Sarawak Borneo, Malaysia Ismandy Ali, Alfean Aziz
    Almukantarat Astronomy Club Dorota Kruzynska
    Introduction to Astronomical Education at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Hidehiko Agata
    Communicating Astronomy through Educators Workshop Chen Chen Lau
    Astronomy Activity in Nepal after IYA J. Acharya
  1900-2200 Conference Dinner at the Warsaw University of Technology


Friday Oct 18th


Theme Time Title Speaker
Country Specific
  0900-0915 Astronomy for One World: Connecting South to North Hengst, S. & Bhattarai, S.
  0915-0930 Communicating Astronomy to Rural Kids in Nigeria Olayinka Fagbemiro, Tola Bamidele
  0930-0945 Public Engagement as a Cornerstone for Developing Astronomy in Qatar Martin Dominik, Khalid Alsubai
  0945-1000 Survey of Astronomy Communication in Philippine Print Media Stephanie Tumampos and Rogel Mari Sese
Education and Children
  1000-1015 The Dreamgazer - film Pedro Russo
  1015-1030 Communicating Astronomy with Children Thilina Heenatigala
  1030-1100 Coffee and Posters
  1100-1115 Family Science: EU-Universe Awareness programme for Families Erik Arends, Wouter Schrier, Pedro Russo, Olmo Landman, Robin Kleian
  1115-1130 Assessing and Evaluating: a Case Study in the EU-UNAWE-Italy Framework Lara Albanese*, James Bradburne**, Alessandra Zanazzi. Florence Italy *INAF-Arcetri; **Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
  1130-1145 Spaceship Earth: Take your Classroom into Space Wendy van den Putte & Hans Tuinenburg
  1145-1200 Space in the Classroom Hans Tuinenburg & Wendy van den Putte
  1200-1215 Educational Astronomy in Poland – from Galileoscopes to Extrasolar Planets Lech Mankiewicz, Jan Pomierny
  1215-1230 Demonstrating Different Types of Children's Learning using a Collaborative Framework Grace Kimble and Pedro Russo
  1230-1245 ASTROKIDS INAF: A Nationwide Experience of Communicating Astronomy with Kids Laura Daricello, Simona Ottaviano
  1245-1300 Space Scoop:Bringing News From Across the Universe to Children Sarah Roberts, Pedro Russo, Sarah Reed, Natalie Fischer, Edward Gomez, Erik Arends, Wouter Schrier and the UNAWE's Space Scoop team
  1300-1315 Science and Literature: Different Strategies to Involve Kids in Astronomy Stefano Sandrelli, Ilaria Faccioli
  1315-1400 Lunch
  1400-1500 Discussion 3: Science, Industry and Government - Joining Efforts for the Purposes of Science Education and Outreach
  1500-1530 Coffee
  1530-1545 The GalileoMobile Handbook : Interactive Astronomy Activities with Low-Cost Materials Jorge Rivero
  1545-1600 Timor-Leste Astronomy Project Jaya Ramchandani, Cindy Gunwan, Carla Natario, Ainil Abdullah & Pedro Russo (STRW/UNAWE, Leiden University)
  1600-1615 EU-NAWE Italy: New Methods for Engaging Children with stronomy through Storytelling Alessandra Zanazzi and Lara Albanese; INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri (Italy)
  1615-1630 The Nordic Perspective on Space Exploration in the Classroom Alexander Biebricher, Birgit Strřmsholm
  1630-1645 Giga and Stick Exploring the Universe Maria Teresa Fulco
    Polish students' satellites in the Media Inna Uvarova
  1645-1705 Conference Summary Dennis Crabtree
  1800-1930 Public Lecture Edward Gómez
  1930-2200 Public Observations


Colour key for the different venues:
Warsaw University of Technology
Copernicus Science Centre & Planetarium (Conference Room)
Copernicus Science Centre & Planetarium (Auditorium)
Copernicus Science Centre & Planetarium (Planetarium)
IMAX Warsaw