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Updated on 29 September 2011


Sunday Oct 9th


Time Title Speaker
1100 – 1900 Registration at Xiyuan Hotel Lobby  
1900 Welcome reception starts at 1900 on Xiyuan 25th floor (revolving restaurant)  


Monday Oct 10th


Time Title Speaker
0915 Welcome addresses Ian Robson and Jin Zhu
  IYA and its Legacy  
0945 The International Legacy of IYA2009
(pdf - 3.1 MB)
Pedro Russo
1030 Coffee  
1100 Public Science: Taking Astronomy to the People
(pdf - 2.3 MB)
Megan Watzke
1130 Canadian Experiences with Year 1 of Beyond the International Year of Astronomy 2009
(pdf - 3.8 MB)
James Hesser
1200 Communicating Astronomy with the Public in the UK post IYA2009
(pdf - 2.7 MB)
Ian Robson
1230 Lunch  


Note: Late registration is sheduled in the morning


Time Title Speaker
  Astronomy Communications in the Developing World  
1400 The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development Kevin Govender
1430 Tool & Methods used in Communicating Astronomy in Developing Countries Thilina Heenatigala
1500 The Southeast Asian Young Astronomers Collaboration (SEAYAC): Uniting the Region's Future Astronomers Through Research and Public Outreach
(pdf - 14 MB)
Rogel Mari Sese
1530 Coffee  
1600 Astronomy awareness and development in the Philippines: strengths and challenges
(pdf - 2.5 MB)
Thijs Kouwenhoven
1620 C55 and its plans Dennis Crabtree
1640 Discussion session  


Tuesday Oct 11th


Time Title Speaker
  Using astronomy outreach to excite children with science and technology  
0900 A Global Educational Program of Collaboration in Astronomical Experiments Mike Simmons
0930 Family Astronomy Programs to Promote STEM Engagement Jacob Noel-Storr
1000 Communicating (space) astronomy with the teachers
(pdf - 11.3 MB)
Rodrigo Alvarez
1030 Coffee  
1100 Telling about astronomy to nursery school and primary school children, within multicultural contexts using not verbal languages.
(pdf - 3 MB)
Lara Albanese
1120 Partner apprenticeships in astronomy at primary schools in the Netherlands
(pdf - 11.7 MB)
Fredereik Westra van Holthe
1140 "You are Galileo!" program
(pdf - 11.2 MB)
Kazuhiro Sekiguchi
1210 General Discussion  
1230 Lunch  
1400 Heliophysics explained to the public and to kids
(pdf - 41 MB)
Carine Briand
1420 Gemini Observatory Takes its Local Communities on an Expanding Journey Through the Universe
(pdf - 10.7 MB)
Peter Michaud
1450 The E/PO Plan for the James Webb Space Telescope Jason Kalirai
1510 Public Information and Outreach Activities at Subaru Telescope Hideaki Fujiwara
1530 Coffee  
1600 European Universe Awareness Pedro Russo
1630 EUNAWE Italy: an European Astronomy project to involve disadvantaged communities in Italy
(pdf - 1.6 MB)
Alessandra Zanazzi
1650 UNAWE-Tanzania for Science Inspiration
Joeline Ezekiel
1710 General Discussion  


Wednesday Oct 12th


Time Title Speaker
  Communication techniques and the challenge of the digital era  
0900 - 10 years of portal activities as an example of using new media and web-based technologies - experiences and guidelines for the future Jan Pomierny
0930 A distributed system for preparing public information
(pdf - 12.5 MB)
Richard Hook
1000 GLORIA: Global Robotic Telescopes Intelligent Array For Citizen Science
(pdf - 4.5 MB)
Luis Cuesta
1030 Coffee  
1100 Quantifying the appeal of outreach images
(pdf - 10.9 MB)
Lars Lindberg Christensen
1130 ESO outreach for ALMA and other projects
(pdf - 16.5 MB)
Douglas Pierce-Price
1200 Obfuscating the Vernacular: The Readability of Astronomical Writing Michael West
1230 Lunch  
1400 Planetarium and Tour of the Old Observatory  


Thursday Oct 13th


Time Title Speaker
  Alternative ways for communicating astronomy with the public  
0900 Full Moon Feeling
(pdf - 14.1 MB)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil
0930 Current tools for communicating astronomy: web 2.0.
(pdf - 0.1 MB)
Maria Jesus Moya Lucas
1000 Unconventional ways of communicating astronomy with the public outreach or outrageous?
(pdf - 2.5 MB) (related article, pdf - 1 MB)
Oana Sandu
1030 Coffee  
1100 Case studies of astronomy communication in Hong Kong Sze-leung Cheung
1130 A case study of new style interactive exhibition
(pdf - 0.6 MB)
Bing LI
1200 STARMUS Festival: new way to reach the public Garik Israelian
1230 Lunch  
1400 Advanced Challenges for Communicating the New Sun with Hinode Satellite
(pdf - 3.5 MB)
Kentaro Yaji
1420 Good astronomy talks Stefan Gillesen
1440 Astronomy Communication in the Developing World Through Mobile Phones Free services Prospery Simpemba
1500 Astronomy communication with weibo Jin Zhu
1530 Coffee  
1600 The 'unconference' slot Pamela Gay and Kevin Govender
1900 Conference Dinner at Quanjude Restaurant  


Friday Oct 14th


Time Title Speaker
0900 Organic Online Learning Communities Pamela Gay
0930 Tweeting astronomy in the Netherlands
(pdf - 7.8 MB)
Marieke Baan
1000 Spanish Network for Astronomy Outreach (REDA)
(pdf - 1 MB)
Antonio Perez Verde
1020 Coffee  
1050 "Speaking Of Space" --- Public Outreach Science Lectures at Beijing Planetarium
(pdf - 1.8 MB)
Ziping Zhang
1110 Online to Offline: Translating Media Usage to Real Life Public
(pdf - 4.9 MB)
Avivah Yamani
1130 General discussion  
1200 Closing address Dennis Crabtree
1230 Lunch  
1400 Afternoon free  


Note: Lunches during the conference are at Xiyuan Hotel.