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CAP 2010
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Purpose and goals


This conference builds on the astounding success of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). It will bring together producers of astronomical information (research scientists), public information officers (connected with large observatories and space missions), and mediators (science reporters and writers, staff members from museums, planetariums). CAP2010 will focus on the outcome of the IYA2009 activities, their evaluation and plans for future work. Furthermore, as this meeting will be held in South Africa, another major theme will be ‘stimulating astronomy communication in the emerging world’.

Some of the key topics of CAP2010 are:

  • Reports from IYA2009 National Nodes, Organisational Nodes, Cornerstone Projects and Special Projects with an emphasis on the IYA2009 legacy
  • Challenges and successes: Case studies from around the world
  • Crowdsourcing/Citizen science projects
  • Communicating in the social networking/Web 2.0 mediascape: twitter/youtube/facebook/vodcasting
  • Audiovisual & multimedia communication incl. tools and techniques
  • New ways to exploit and visualize astronomical data
  • Social impact of astronomy communication
  • Alternative ways of communicating astronomy
  • EPO Clearinghouses: Portal to the Universe, COMpadre, etc.
  • Evaluation of IYA2009 and lessons for the future      
  • Communicating across national, language, political, social and cultural borders