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CAP 2010
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Posters presented during the conference. If you presented a poster and it is not listed here, please contact us.

Descamps, P. Stargazing at School PDF (56.25MB)
Grace, D. A Reality or a Dream? PDF (6.22MB)
Ballesteros, F. Astronomy on the Street PDF (3.20MB)
Bernagozzi, A. Scientific Research and Astronomy Education: The OAVdA Experience PDF (6.35MB)
West, M. Using Astronomy at Exhibitions to Inspire Learners to take up Careers in SET PDF (1.85MB)
Wade, R.P. Systematics of interpreting cosmic references in sub Sahara Africa PDF (1.24MB)
Hesser, J. Canada and IYA 2009 PDF (0.66MB)
Gráf, T. Bank of Scripts PDF (0.17MB)
Ahumada, A.V. Family Stories and Stellar Clusters: Outreach at ESO, a Personal Experience PDF (0.17MB)
Altamore, A & Bernieri, E.
The permanent Oriented World Globe installation at Roma Tre University
PDF (1.91MB)
Aundhkar, S.
Astro activities in MGM CAST during 100 hours of Astronomy: A case study
JPG (16.38MB)
Cuesta, L; Martín-Mayorga, D. & Sánchez-Verdasco, R;
Scientific Dissemination in the Centre for Astrobiology
PDF (1.68MB)
Fischer, O. & Scorza S;
Peer Instruction and Beyond - The role of high school students in public outreach
Goldsmith, J.
The World at Night - One people, one sky
PDF (826KB)
Gráf, T & Rušin, V
Bank of Scripts
PDF (169KB)
Heyer, I.; Michaud, P.; Usuda, K. S.; Fujihara, G.; et. al.
IYA on the Big Island of Hawai'i
PDF (38.27MB)
Koloko, A.
Educator development through Astronomy workshops
PDF (1.60MB)
Langbein, T.
Exploring the Cosmic Neighborhood by Planetary Paths
PDF (701KB)
Langbein, T.
Astronomy-Key to popularize Science
Lattis, J.
Linking Diverse Communities via IYA 2009
JPG (8.33MB)
Molinari, E.; Alverez, P; Andreuzzi, G; et. al.
The LPIYA group: common efforts in La Palma during the IYA 2009 and Beyond
PDF (2.52MB)
Naze, Y.
A mid-size city and IYA 09 : a case study
PDF (466KB)
Nesci, R.; Altamore, A. & Cirimele, G;
How much starry is the night? A measure of light pollution by high-school students
PDF (1.99MB)
Rusin, V., Svoren, J. & Kucera, A.
Explorer Universe, Your Home
PDF (2.8MB)
Sakamoto, S.
International Year of Astronomy 2009 - AJAX Activity
PDF (3.61MB)
Shida, R. Y.; Russo, P.; Nielsen, L. H. & Christensen, L. L.
Overview of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 web presence PDF (2.51MB)
Smith, M. G.; Salois, A. J. & Stockebrand, H.
Chilean Public Involvement in Controlling Light Pollution
Wade, R. P; Broodryk, N. L
Systematics of interpreting cosmic references in sub Saharan Africa