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Third announcement

We now invite applications aimed at the following themes, which are not exclusive, but give a clear hint at what we are seeking for the meeting.

  1.   International Year Astronomy 2009 (main theme)
  2.   Case studies
  3.   Communicating in the Web 2.0/youtube/myspace/vodcasting mediascape
  4.   Audiovisual & multimedia communication incl. tools and techniques
  5.   Social impact and evaluation of astronomy communication
  6.   Communication catering to special needs

Given the expected attendance (up to 200 participants are expected), it will not be possible to schedule all submissions as oral presentations, but we are very keen to make this a very inclusive meeting and so we are ensuring that posters will form a very important part of CAP2007. We are making arrangements to ensure that posters will be in a prominent place, that coffee will be available next to the posters and that there will be adequate time for poster viewing and discussion.

The next key date is June 29th, which is the final date for submission of titles and abstracts. Please go to
for abstract submission. If you have not already registered, then please register at

The proceedings will be published in printed format but currently negotiations are underway to determine by which means. In any case the presentations will be web-available as was the case for CAP2005.

Financial support
Limited funds will be available for supporting participants from developing nations (as defined by the U.N).
A participant wishing to apply for financial support should submit:

  • The relevant Grant Application Form (available as MS Word Document, Text and PDF files from Tuesday next week (29. May)).
  • A short CV
  • An abstract for an oral presentation or a poster

The application should be sent either via e-mail to  (please use GRANT APPLICATION in the subject line) or fax to: +30-210-6597602.

The grant may cover travel and accommodation expenses as well as registration fees for the conference.

All applications will be reviewed by a committee and based upon the participant’s geographical area of activity, merit, conference contribution and naturally what funds are available.

Grants application deadline: 29 June 2007

VISA information
There will be some provision for people needing travel visas to visit
Greece. I am preparing the related forms now.

Social programme
The two social events (archeological tour and star party) will take place Tuesday 9 Oct (roughly 16:00-20:00) and Wednesday 10 Oct. The visit to the Observatory has not yet been scheduled.

The relevant PDF forms and info will be online Tuesday next week (29. May)
Here is a brief of what has been arranged with the hotels:

Baby Grand Hotel (5* / design) Rooms: 20    SNGL:100    DBL:110
Acropol (5*)                   Rooms: 25    SNGL: 95    DBL:105
Grand O’ Hotel (5*)            Rooms: 35    SNGL: 95    DBL:105
Polis Grand Hotel (4*)         Rooms: 25    SNGL: 70    DBL: 75
Best Western Hotel Museum (3*) Rooms: 50    SNGL: 60    DBL: 75

Rooms is the number of rooms available to CAP2007. SNGL / DBL is the price for single and double. All prices include breakfast.

On behalf of the SOC and LOC we look forward to the abstracts raining in and seeing you all in Athens in October.

Ian Robson
Dennis Crabtree
Lars Lindberg Christensen
Manolis Zoulias