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Practical info

Local and Practical Information

Contact Info

For information please contact:
(Mr.) Manolis Zoulias
Tel:. +30 210 6597511
Mobile: +30 6972-279626
Fax: +30 210 6597602

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the premises of the Eugenides Foundation.
Please see the Google Earth Map files [image1, image2]
Eugenides Foundation and Planetarium was established in 1956 and is a pioneering institution for education and science communication in Greece.
Further information is in the section "Conference Venue" on the menu on the left.


Public Transport
There is an extensive public transport network with buses, trolley buses, metro and tram lines.
Ticket fares are not zone dependent.
Ticket prices within the broader city limits are 0.50 Euros for buses and trolleys, 0.80 Euros for metro and tram.
There is a 3.00 Euros / 24 hours ticket and a 1.00 Euro / 90 min ticket which covers all means of transport (except the airport connections).
Airport fare is 3.20 Euros by bus and 6.00 Euros by metro.
More info can be found here (
A weekly ticket is available for 10 Euros and is highly recommended (once more this does not cover airport transportation).
The best place to buy your tickets is the metro stations.

A transportation map of the Athens area (although a little complicated) is available here (

Information for transportation to and from the airport, along with a nice map, is available at the airport website (

From the airport to the hotels

1. By metro (recommended)

The Metro connection from the airport (Line 3/Blue) to the city center is available from 06:30 to 23:30 (last train) every 30 mins ( :00 and :30).

Ticket for traveling to/from the airport costs:
6 Euros for one person
10* and 15* Euros for two and three persons respectively.

* For using these low priced tickets the passengers should be together during the train trip and get off at the same station.

You get on at the airport and get off at Syntagma Station.

There you change to Line 2 (Red - direction Ag. Antonios) for two stops and get off at Omonia station.

The Grand O and Acropol hotels are just outside the metro station.
The Baby Grand is 100 meters away on Athinas St. (walk towards Acropolis).
The Polis Grand Hotel is 50 meters to the opposite direction.

See the map of the hotels here and a map of the broader area here.

2. By Bus & Metro/Taxi (Recommended if you arrive from 23:00 – 05:00)

There is the X95 express bus line connecting the airport with the Syntagma Square, departing just outside the arrivals terminal of the airport.
It runs 24 h a day, at a frequency of 10-15 mins.
From there you:

  • Change to the metro Line 2 (Red - direction Ag. Antonios) for two stops and get off at Omonia station (if the metro runs 05:30 – 00:10). In this case you should buy and validate a metro ticket (0.80 Euros).
  • You can get a taxi to the hotels.
  • You can walk approximately 1 km to get to the hotels (!).

3. By Taxi

Taxis are available outside the arrivals terminal.
Getting a taxi from the airport to Omonia Square can cost from 25-40 Euros depending on traffic and time of day (during the night there is a 50% surcharge).
There are extra costs when getting a taxi, like tolls, airport and luggage surcharge.
You can call to arrange for a taxi at +30 210 5152800
* Some (few) taxi drivers try to cheat and get extra fares especially from tourists. So please be careful.

For the people staying in Best Western Museum Hotel:

You can get off at Syntagma Metro Station. Cross the street and get on a Trolley (numbers 2, 4, 9, 11) for three stops. This will get you 100 meters from the hotel.
You should buy a bus/trolley ticket at the metro counters (costs 0.50 Euros) for this trip.

See the illustrated instructions here

For the people staying in Novotel:

When changing to Line 2 do not get off at Omonia Station but go for two more stops to Larissa Station. From there you can follow the instructions on the hotel map here.
Alternatively you can use the PROASTIAKOS (Suburban rail) from the Airport. You will probably need to change at a station (Neratziotissa) due to some works so it is not recommended but still you arrive at the same place (Larissa station).


From the hotels to the conference venue

There will be a shuttle bus everyday at 8:00 to get you to the conference venue.

The buses will depart from Omonia Square (outside Acropol Hotel) and outside the Best Western Museum Hotel.

If you are not staying in the CAP2007 hotels get in a Metro Station to Omonia Station. The buses are going to be outside the metro. Look for the conference poster in the front window (the word TSOKAS is written on the side and they are gold colored).

If you miss the bus or want to get to the venue later get in the Metro to the Syggrou-Fix Station. Get out at the Drakou Str. exit.
Outside there is a bus stop.
Get in the A2 or 126 bus.
Unfortunately the stations are not announced in the public buses in Athens.
It is easy to find it though. The buses continue on the same avenue you are getting on.

After 3-4 km they make a 270 degrees turn, getting out of the avenue to the right and passing under a bridge to continue to the left of the original route.

While they are on this turn you press the stop button and get off at the first stop.
From there you walk 300 meters along Pentelis St. and you arrive at the Eugenides Planetarium.

See illustrated instructions here


Internet and mail

Wireless access is available in most places within the Eugenides Foundation facilities (your laptop should support WiFi to use this).
A number of stand alone PCs will be available for public access to the internet and your e-mail (via webmail interface, if your institution supports it).

Hands-on Sessions

We are planning to hold some hands-on sessions. If you are interested in proposing a session please let us know.



Lunches will be available at restaurants near the Conference venue. More details on this will follow.


Bank & Currency exchange services


There is an ATM machine at the entrance of the Eugenides Foundation supporting VISA/MC/Maestro cards (additional charges may apply when using foreign cards).
At the city center there are many Greek and international bank branches with ATMs.
At the airport and in the city center there are also located many exchange points.
Most shops will accept credit cards. Some restaurants though (especially fast food and low cost establishments) will not accept cards.


Weather in Athens in October is cool and mild. Yet some rain or showers can occur. Temperature is usually 18-24 degrees Celsius (mean temperature approx. 20 degrees).

Useful links

Athens International Airport
A Guide to Athens
Athens Transport Organization

Athens Metro
Greek National Tourist Organization