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Fifth announcement

The planning of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2007 (CAP 2007) conference in Athens, Greece, 8 - 11 October 2007 is now concluding. The main web site is:
We have a few things to pass on to you.

Talks and Posters

On behalf of the SOC let me first apologise for the delay in notification of accepted oral talks. For the last three weeks we have been struggling; this was due to the sheer success of CAP2007 in attracting a record number of requested oral presentations, far more than possible with the available time. Selection of talks has been extremely difficult as there were so many interesting and topical abstracts. However, we have finally decided not to go to parallel sessions and have restricted oral talks to 15 minute slots - 12 minute talks and 3 minutes for questions. This means a very tight schedule but we have thereby maximised the number of possible talks. We have also agreed that only one oral talk per person will be accepted (unless a SPoC or in the opening/closing session). The SPoC talks have been compressed to 10 minutes (no questions) and it would be good if SPoCs could also bring their talks on a poster to display throughout the week.

The accepted talks and posters are listed at:

We have assumed that the submitted oral talks that we have not been able to accommodate will be given as posters. Please please mail to CAP2007 Conference LOC <>  if this is not the case.
Logistics/times have been constrained because of the need to travel to the conference venue in the morning and the tight times of the evening events. We also intend to hold Monday afternoon's sessions in the Planetarium, which will be a novel experience for the conference and will feature those talks on this subject.

The programme is now online at:

The conference hotels listed on the web are full or nearly full. If you need accommodation, we suggest you consult your favoured travel office for assistance asap, or mail to the CAP2007 Conference LOC <> .

List of participants
The most up-to-date list of participants is at:
We are currently 222 registered participants.
*** If you want to cancel your participation please send an e-mail to CAP2007 Conference LOC <> ***

On behalf of the SOC I look forward to seeing you all in Athens for what I'm sure will turn out to be a packed, inspirational and most enjoyable week.
Ian Robson