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Conference Venue


387 Syngrou Ave, Athens, GR 17564, Greece (see maps)

3D model of the Eugenides building(left). The Planetarium interior.

Eugenides Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated in promoting science education in Greece. It was founded in 1956 and since 1969 hosts the Eugenides Planetarium (built around a Zeiss projector). After the 2002 renovation & expansion it can accommodate 280 spectators under the large digital projection dome (diam. 1420 m2).
In the building complex of the Eugenides Foundation there are conference facilities which can host the CAP2007 participants in an efficient and spacious installation.

Photos of the two building entrances. On the left and top right are the conference hall
entrance with the secretariat facilities

All conference facilities have modern projection and AV equipment, wireless and wired networking infrastructure. There is an excellent reception area with secretariat facilities (IT equipment and telecommunications), public phones etc.
Following are the floor plans of the whole complex and plans of the conference rooms.

Ground Floor

1 Exhibition Hall, 2 Planetarium Lobby, 3 Planetarium, 4 W.C., 5 Library, 6 Main Entrance Reception Hall, 7 Cafe - Restaurant, 8 Lobby, 9 Planetarium Production facilities, 10 Administration

First Floor

1 Exhibition Hall, 2 Planetarium Lobby, 3 Planetarium, 4 W.C., 5 Library, 6 Big Amphitheater, 7 Administration offices, 8 Small Amphitheater

Click here to see another image of the 1st floor.

Second Floor

1 Exhibition Hall, 2 Old Planetarium dome, 3 Big Amphitheater, 4 W.C.,
5 Library – Internet, 6 Ballroom, 7 Administration Offices


  • Main Amphitheater
    400 seats
    Dimensions: 312 m2 (19,5 x 16 m)
    1st Floor

  • Lecture Room 1
    120 seats (theater)
    128,8 m2 (7,6 x 15,8 m)
    1st Floor

  • Conference Room 1
    40 seats (theater)
    47,6 m2 (6,8 x 7 m)
    1st Floor

  • Conference Room 2
    70 seats (theater)
    84,24 m2 (10,8 x 7,8 m)
    1st Floor

  • 1st & 2nd Floor Lobbies
    493,5 m2 (23,5 x 21 m)

We plan to create some discussion spots near the conference halls for making participants interaction easier.
There is a cafeteria (soft drinks, coffee, snack food, sandwiches and pies) in the building and several restaurants in the area for lunch breaks. Of course there will be additional catering service near the conference halls.


There will be a conference bus line for scheduled moving the participants to/from
the hotels. Two frequent public transport bus lines will serve the participants (if they
miss the Conference bus). The bus lines stop by a metro station 2-3 km (5-8 mins)
from the Foundation for access to other city sites.

Eugenides Foundation (map mark: E)
387 Syngrou Ave, Athens, GR 17564, Greece

[click on the map to enlarge]