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Cap 2005
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Purpose and goals

This conference aims to bring together the producers of astronomical information (research scientists), public information officers (connected with large observatories and space missions), and mediators (science reporters and writers, staff members from museums, planetariums).

The specific goals are:

  • To maintain the momentum generated by the Tenerife and Washington Meetings
  • Improving the collaboration and communication of the various constituencies
  • To bring to a focus the progress on:
    • Adoption of the Washington Charter
    • Specific deliverable goals of the IAU Working Group “Communicating Astronomy”
    • Provide a platform for future developments

Key topics:

  • Case Studies/What works and what doesn't
  • Communication in the Virtual Observatory era
  • New technologies
  • Communication ethics
  • AudioVisuals
  • Mixed topics
  • Hands-on displays