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For this conference two different 'historical records' have been made:

1. Web repository with PowerPoint presentations and Web casts

2. A Proceedings book published by ESA/Hubble, editors Ian Robson and Lars Lindberg Christensen:

  • Download the full book for free in PDF format on this page, or
  • Download the individual articles below
  • Order a copy of the book on this page.
  • Read the press release




Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2005
Ian Robson, Lars Lindberg Christensen (eds.)

Read Full book (PDF 17,057 KB)

Front matter & Preface (p. 0-7)

Read (PDF 354 KB)

The IAU Working Group on Communicating Astronomy with the Public (p. 10-13)
Robson, I.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 67 KB)

Progress of the Washington Charter (p. 14-15)
Crabtree, D.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 59 KB)

Progress of the Virtual Repository (p. 16-20)
Christensen, L. L.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 291 KB)

What Science is like and What Science Is-Non-Professionally Executed Astronomy as a Means of Communicating Science (p. 24-29)
Murdin, P.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 75 KB)

Attracting the Media (p. 32-39)
Henbest, N.
| Full article (PDF 189 KB)

ESA on RAINews24: A Case Study of Television Communication (p. 40-50)
Sandrelli, S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 343 KB)

Communicating Astronomy: A Reporter's View (p. 54-57)
Schilling, S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 70 KB)

The Role of the Observatories (p. 60-70)
Robson, I.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 349 KB)

Communicating CHANDRA's X-Ray Astronomy to the Press and Public (p. 72-81)
Watzke, M.; Kowal-Arcand, K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 759 KB)

Using the Night Sky to Cultivate Public Interest in Astronomy (p. 84-91)
Fienberg, R. T.; Beatty, J. K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 702 KB)

The GEMINI Observatory Virtual Tour (p. 92-98)
Michaud, P.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 273 KB)

The Unique Role of the Planetarium/Science Centre in Science Communication (p. 102-107)
Petersen, C. C.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 142 KB)

New Perspectives in Planetarium Lectures: How to Tell Science under the Dome While Preserving the "Enchantment" (p. 108-117)
Gandolfi, G.; Catanzaro, G.; Giovanardi, S.; Masi, G.; Vomero, V.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 393 KB)

Seeing Beyond the Naked Eye in a Planetarium (p. 118-127)
Fairall, A.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 372 KB)

Difficult Concepts (p. 130-134)
Fosbury, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 205 KB)

Europe in Space: Taking off without the Public? (p. 136-139)
Lorenzen, D.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 147 KB)

The Road Less Travelled: Non-Traditional Ways of Communicating Astronomy to the Public (p. 140-150)
West, M. J.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 277 KB)

Do The Stars tell your Love Story? (p. 152-158)
Rodriguez Hidalgo, I.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 80 KB)

Astronomical Pills: One-Shot Questions about the Universe (p. 166-173)
Cavallotti, F.; Romaniello, S.; Sandrelli S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 372 KB)

Space Education: A Lifeline to the Skills Shortage (p. 174-179)
Jones, I.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 71 KB)

The Role of the Popular Article in Astronomy Communication (p. 180-191)
Mahoney, T. J.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 166 KB)

Philosophy for the Creation of Astronomical Images (p. 194-204)
Rector, T.; Levay, Z. G.; Frattare, L. M.; English, J.; Pu'uohau-Pummill, K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 99 KB)

Hubble and the Language of Images (p. 206-214)
Levay, Z. G.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 562 KB)

Virtual Tours of the Universe (p. 218-229)
Fluke, C.J.; Mackie, G.; Maddison, S.T.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 180 KB)

Seeing Infrared: Visualizations beyond the Visible (p. 230-238)
Hurt, R. L.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 518 KB)

"Catch the Stars in the Net!": Eight Years of Experience in Communicating Astronomy via New Technologies (p. 242-250)
Boccato, C.; Nobili, L.; Pastore, S.; Benacchio, L.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 88 KB)

Life after Press: The Role of the Picture Library in Communicating Astronomy to the Public (p. 252-257)
Evans, G. S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 76 KB)

Moving the Pretty Pictures into the 21st Century (p. 258-261)
Christensen, L. L.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 218 KB)

Making Press Release Astronomical Images Compliant With the National Virtual Observatory (p. 262-265)
Frattare, L. M.; Levay, Z. G. ; Summers, F. J.; Bandara, K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 169 KB)

The Venus Transit 2004 (VT-2004) Programme: The Exceptional Impact of a Unique Public Science Discovery Project (p. 266-278)
Boffin, H.; West, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 280 KB)

Conference Summary (p. 280-285)
Murdin, P.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 83 KB)

Planetariums, the Great Messengers of the Astronomical Research (p. 288-290)
Acker, A.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 232 KB)

In Viaggio Fra Le Stelle: The Making of the GSC II (p. 292-294)
Bernardi, G.; Bucciarelli, B.; Ferreri, W.; Lattanzi, M.G.; Morbidelli, R.; Pannunzio R.; Smart R. L.; Vecchiato, A.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 142 KB)

Bringing Forth the Spirit of Astronomy by Using Conceptual Maps (p. 296-298)
Birlan M.; Vass, G.; Teleanu, C.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 130 KB)

Using Astronomy and Space for National Skills Agendas (p. 300-302)
Clegg, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 63 KB)

The IAC and Scientific Outreach (p. 304-305)
Crespo, L. C.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 56 KB) Polish Astronomy Portal (p. 306-308)
Czart, K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 291 KB)

Human Links to the Universe: A Cultural Shift (p. 310-312)
Diego, F.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 64 KB)

Needs of a Science Editor (p. 314-316)
Dreissigacker, O.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 208 KB)

The XMM-NEWTON Image Gallery (p. 318-320)
Ehle, M.; Loiseau, N.; Bailey, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 133 KB)

Four Decades of Public Outreach at Kitt Peak (p. 322-324)
Fedele, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 65 KB)

Stars on Stage: The New Planetarium of Rome as an Astronomical Theatre (p. 326-327)
Giovanardi, S.; Gandolfi, G.; Catanzaro, G.; Vomero, V.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 83 KB)

Apriticielo: Interactive Museum of Space and Astronomy, Torino Planetarium (p. 328-329)
Giovalli, M.; Ferrari, A.; Bernardi, G.; Rossi, P.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 158 KB)

Journey through the Universe (p. 330-331)
Harvey, J.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 281 KB)

A Scottish Science Training Programme for Teachers (p. 332-334)
Hillier, D.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 191 KB)

Nationwide Astronomy Events in Austria: Summary and Experiences (p. 336-338)
Hron, J.; Kerschbaum, F.; Pikhard, A.; Raab, H.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 74 KB)

Subaru Telescope Summit Facility Tours (p. 340-342)
Ishida, C.; Sekiguchi, K.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 66 KB)

What are the Goals of Popularising Astronomy for Scientists and Society? (p. 344-346)
Luridiana, V.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 65 KB)

The Visitor Centre "Marcello Ceccarelli" (p. 348-350)
Mantovani, F.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 325 KB)

The ESO-MIM Star Trek: A Broadbased Public Oriented Short Interactive Exhibition for an Introduction to Contemporary Astrophysics (p. 352-353)
Marco, O.; Miranda, F.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 265 KB)

Calendars, Crescents and Calculation: The Rog's Islamic Astronomy Project (p. 354-355)
Massey, R.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 98 KB)

Public Outreach from the Jodrell Bank Observatory (p. 356-357)
Morison, I.; O'Brien, T.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 56 KB)

L'aula Del Cel: Communicating Astronomy at School Level (p. 358-359)
Ortiz-Gil, A.; Gomez-Collado, M.; Gallego-Calvente, A. T.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 93 KB)

Think Inside the Sphere (p. 360-361)
Parello, S. L.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 123 KB)

Outreach from Mcdonald Observatory (p. 362-363)
Preston, S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 134 KB)

The Lord of Rings & the Olmi-Comics: Two Cases of Non-Traditional Approach to Astronomy (p. 364-366)
Romaniello, S.; Cavallotti, F.; Sandrelli, S.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 106 KB)

Navegar Foundation: 5 Years of Communicating Astronomy (p. 368-370)
Russo, P.; Pedrosa, A.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 176 KB)

Skywatch: Introducing European Youth to the World of Scientific Research through Interactive Utilisation of a Global Network of Robotic Telescopes (p. 372-374)
Sotiriou, M.; Vrazopoulos, H.; Ioannou, P.; Sotiriou, S.; Vagenas, E.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 122 KB)

Astronomy as Science, Art and Industry (p. 376-377)
Teimoorinia, H.;Moosavi, A.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 55 KB)

A Website on Black Holes (p. 378-379)
Kleijn, G. V.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 125 KB)

Eudoxos Observatory: Communicating Astronomy Using Robotic Telescopes (p. 380-382)
Zoulias, M.; Solomos, N.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 66 KB)

The Faulkes Telescope Project (p. 384-386)
Roche, P.; Szymanek, N.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 311 KB)

The ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator Version 2 (p. 388-390)
Christensen, L. L.; Nielsen, L. H.; Nielsen, K. K.; Johansen, T.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 125 KB)

The ESA Hubble 15th Anniversary Campaign (p. 392-394)
Christensen, L. L.; Kornmesser, M.
Abstract | Full article (PDF 194 KB)