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WG New Ways of Communicating Astronomy with the Public

Created: 31 August 2009
Chair: Mike Peter Dalley
Mission: To facilitate sharing of diverse and effective new ways to communicate astronomy with the public, with a focus on creative alternatives to press releases, public lectures, print and broadcast media, and other traditional ways of bringing astronomy to a wide audience. The WG will serve as a clearinghouse and network for the worldwide community of astronomy communicators to engage the public in distinctly new ways by thinking outside the box.

  • Creation of a New Ways of Communicating Astronomy with the Public Facebook page (or similar social networking engine) where science communicators can join freely to exchange ideas and ask questions about new ways of communicating astronomy with diverse audiences.
  • Engage in proactive efforts to inform astronomy communicators around the world of the existence and activities of the New Ways of Communicating Astronomy with the Public WG, with the goal of creating a large and vibrant network of members. Ways to promote this WG and its activities will include creating a new blog, promoting the activities of the WG at national and international conferences, and organizing New Ways sessions as part of the future CAP meetings and/or as separate conferences outside of the CAP meetings.
  • Articles will be written regularly for the CAP Journal, Astronomy Education Review, and other similar journals, highlighting noteworthy new methods and assessing their successes and failures. (Submissions will follow the standard procedure for accepting articles. Proposed articles should be discussed and agreed with the Editor in Chief)