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WG 1 Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal (CAPj)

Created: 1 June 2007
Chair: Georgia Rose Bladon (Editor in Chief, CAPj)
Mission: To publish a free (to readers) peer-reviewed journal for astronomy communicators.

The CAPjournal is a free peer-reviewed journal for astronomy communicators, online and in print. While the principal task of an astronomer is to further our knowledge of the Universe, disseminating this new information to a wider audience than the scientific community is becoming increasingly important. This is the main task of public astronomy communication ó to bring astronomy to society.

We would like to see the astronomy outreach community deeply involved in this journalís evolution and production. Please feel free to send us your articles and reviews on communicating astronomy, as well as suitable books/websites/products for review in the pages of CAPjournal. Submission guidelines are here. Relevant advertisements are also more than welcome. We are eager to get your feedback, so please feel free to e-mail us a

Deliverables: 2 issues of CAPjournal per year
Functional WG (see IB109, p. 41): Yes