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IAU DIVISION C Commission C2


It is the responsibility of every practising astronomer to play some role in explaining the interest and value of science to our real employers, the taxpayers of the world.

Mission statement

  • To encourage and enable a much larger fraction of the astronomical community to take an active role in explaining what we do (and why) to our fellow citizens.
  • To act as an international, impartial coordinating entity that furthers the recognition of outreach and public communication on all levels in astronomy.
  • To encourage international collaborations on outreach and public communication.
  • To endorse standards, best practices and requirements for public communication.

Working Groups

The Commission has at the moment eight Working Groups:

  1. Communicating Astronomy Journal (Chair: Georgia Bladon)
  2. Communicating Astronomy with the Public conferences (Chair: Sze-leung Cheung and Oana Sandu)
  3. Washington Charter (Chair: Dennis Crabtree)
  4. Outreach Professionalization & Accreditation (Chair: Rick Fienberg)
  5. Public Outreach Information Management (Chair: Pedro Russo)
  6. New Media (Chair: Pamela Gay)
  7. New Ways of Communicating Astronomy with the Public (Chair: Mike Dalley)
  8. Communicating Heliophysics (Chair: Carine Briand)